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Sunday 19th June 2011

Please remember to check us out on our Facebook page. Frequently updated, there are more photos of our Matariki celebration, thanks to Emily-Kate Robertson, as well as many photos of years gone by to look at as we prepare for our Jubilee.

Matariki - Thanks for your support

Sunday 19th June 2011

 Matariki - Thanks for your support

June 18th dawned cold and blustery, a disappointment to the many teachers, especially our Assistant Principal Miss Doole, who had tossed and turned during the night, hoping that the wind would die down enough for our fireworks, and that the threatened rain would hold off. Although we were unable to hold the fireworks, the rain stayed away and hundreds of people braved the weather to have fun, to share community spirit, and to grab some fantastic bargains at our first ever Matariki celebration, the brainchild of our Head Girl, Jodie Hope. Most of these people also later packed into Herron Hall, where they were treated to some of our own musicians, including the very talented Kane Strang, who graduated from Bayfield High School in 2010, our jazz band, and our amazing Kapa Haka group, who opened the concert with a powhiri. We were also very privileged to enjoy the dances of the Chinese dragon, and the resounding rhythms and beat of the Japanese drumming group. It was also fabulous that we were treated to a showcase of the talents of many children from Tainui, who for many stole the show, with their enthusiasm and excitement. It was great that so many groups came together to celebrate Matariki, a time of celebration and reflection, when we can celebrate our bi-cultural heritage and our multi-cultural country.

The audience enjoyed the chance to sit down in the comfort of the hall and digest the range of yummy food that was available at the fair, with particular favourites being, of course, the hot potatoes, the delicious waffles served by Mrs Rades and Kathrin Rades (year 12), with a choice of toppings, and the steak sandwiches served by a roster of parents, including Mr and Mrs Chandler, whose daughter Louise, who graduated from Bayfield High School, features in the coming issue of Bayleaf. Dominic Barlow (7 years old), said that he has been given $10.00 to spend by his father, Mathematics teacher, Mr Barlow, and that he had eaten three bites of a steak sandwich, and some candy floss. When I caught up with him, he was spending some more of his money, by carefully aiming sodden sponges that were almost as big as his head, at Mr Spence, his father's colleague.

Other popular stalls at our celebration included the books/DVD stall where approximately $700 was raised, as well as the Silent Auction, and we wish, in particular to thank our many sponsors of the auction who donated prizes including a wooden DVD stand, a large wooden playhouse, a computer table, a choice of photo to be printed onto canvas, tours of the Taiaroa Heads attractions, a gorgeous painting, and a family pass for a cruise on the Monarch, and much more. Face-painting was also popular, not just with the little children, but also with our own students, while many children also proudly clutched balloon animals, including a dog which seemed to have a bonus two extra legs!
While the total of money raised by our Matariki celebration has yet to be calculated, we are pleased that so many of the community came down to the school to share in the fun, and that we are able to make a sizeable contribution to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

We very much appreciate all of the help, donations and sponsorship that Bayfield High School parents and Dunedin businesses gave us, and we ask you to support our sponsors where and when possible.
Ms Scott Araya

Matariki Celebration.

Wednesday 1st June 2011

Bayfield High School



Saturday June 18th

For the first time, Bayfield High School is celebrating Matariki with our wider school community. This is our Maori New Year, when the Pleiades constellation rises in the southern sky.

The fair will open at 3pm with a variety of stalls including white elephant, a silent auction, baking and other home goods, toys, clothing, books, dvds, cds, toys, sponge-the-teacher, raffles, a grass cart circuit, candy floss, face-painting etc.

The evening concert will begin at 5pm and involves a number of our own talented young people, as well as local primary schools and community performers such as the Japanese drumming group O-Taiko'.

80% of any profit that is made will benefit our school community by going towards our on-going fundraising efforts to refurbish our school Hall. The remaining 20% will be gifted to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

To make this event a success we need each Bayfield family to help us out by contributing at least one item to the Fair:

White elephant
Baking, Preserves

Items can be dropped into the Front Office before Wednesday the 16th of June. Perishable goods can be dropped off on the Thursday or Friday before the event. If you require larger items to be picked up please contact Caroline Doole (455 0113,

If you would like to offer your time to help with any aspect of the Celebration please don't hesitate to contact the school.

Matariki is a time for reflection and remembrance; as well as for change and reflection. We are a multicultural school and we feel that by celebrating Matariki we will be able to highlight the importance of embracing our diversity; as well as allowing us to build more community spirit.

We look forward to you joining us.

Steam Punk

Monday 30th May 2011

Steam Punk

Steampunk has been taking the world by storm. While first introduced as a concept in the late 1980's Steampunk is now on a roll. What is it? In short, Steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction. It refers to a period when many key mechanical and technological aspects of the modern world were developed.

These developments captured the imaginations of a number of key Victorian writers; Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Mary Shelley. Over time, their futuristic innovations have been not so far- fetched after all.

Steampunk involves a rebellion against the present day preference for plastic and the disposable way of life. The goal of redesigning objects is to employ appropriate materials (such as polished brass, iron, wood, and leather) with design elements and craftsmanship consistent with the Victorian era.

In 2009 artist Tim Wetherell created a large Steampunk wall piece for Questacon, Australia's National Science and Technology Centre, representing the concept of the clockwork universe. This steel artwork contains moving gears, a working clock, and a movie of the moon's terminator in action.

The BBC series Doctor Who also incorporates steampunk elements in the design of the Doctor's time machine, the Tardis. Modified and streamlined for the 2005 revival of the series, the Tardis console incorporates steampunk elements, including a Victorian typewriter and gramophone.

From October 2009 through February 2010, the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford hosted the first major exhibition of Steampunk art objects, with work of eighteen Steampunk artists from across the globe. The exhibition was the most successful in the museum's history and attracted more than eighty thousand visitors.

Not to be outdone, in November 2009 The League of Victorian Imagineers in association with the Oamaru Heritage Celebrations opened the first Steampunk Exhibition to be held in New Zealand. Thousands of viewers came from all over the country. It is the most popular exhibition the Oamaru's Forrester Gallery ever had.

As one of their options Year 13 mechanical engineering students at Bayfield High School have been making Steampunk goggles. Using a combination of aluminium, leather, and translucent tinted acrylic sheet, student have been developing a number of engineering skills while creating something cool and worth NCEA credits. So cool that this weekend Oamaru is hosting the second Steampunk Fashion Show at the Oamaru Opera House. Substantial prizes are up for grabs. Included in the show is an entry from none other than Bayfield's Engineering teacher, Craig Cumming, and Bayfield literacy teacher Jenny Powell.
Concept designs and the story of the character wearing the garments have already been submitted. The garments are based on the Victorian genre with a functional science fiction component. The characters must wear their clothes for good reason.

Some Bayfield students will have a preview of just what that reason is, and they will be able to view the Steampunk contraptions before their teachers leave for Oamaru. This will be on the understanding that any revelations will be top secret.

Ms J Powell

Stage Challenge Successes

Sunday 22nd May 2011


This wonderful event was held on the 5th of May and was a resounding success, with Bayfield High School taking out six prestigious prizes: Visual Enhancement, Concept, Choreography, Soundtrack, Drama, and Initiative. Our three student leaders were Katie Day, Jessica Hepburn and Meredith Wills did all of the choreograpgy, while Jess organised, designed, and painted the set designed by Mr Brian Pickard. She also decided on lighting and ran the back stage crew, and Meredith also worked on the costumes with her mum, Cheryl.

Our item was very ambitious and we had a total cast of 60 students. Called Beautiful Monster, it was an adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale, and students had been busily rehearsing since the start of the year, and planning had even begun in term 4, 2010. Jodie Hope was our student co-host and Jessica, Meredith, Katie and Stephen Askew Ives were our Student Representatives.Lead roles were Gemma Still and Meredith Wills as the two evil sisters, Nick Steel as the father, Katie Day as the lead girl, and Georgia Henderson as the beast. Ms Hosken worked with Katie to design the soundtrack and all editing and sound effects were done at school by our team no outside help (and we won the award here which was great!!)

We would especially like to thank Cheryl Wills and her helpers for their work with the costumes, and Mr Brian Pickard who built the set. Thanks very much!

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