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We are beginning 2015 with several exciting new developments:


  • The extension to the new gymnasium should be completed in February.  We are looking forward to using the new entrance foyer and sports storage facility.  This enables an exciting new partnership with the Table Tennis Association.  
  • The rebuild of the Administration Block, Student Office and Year 13 Study Centre has begun.  During the rebuild, a temporary Administration Block has been set up in the Music Department, and a temporary Student Office in the Lower Common Room.
  • Further development of improved facilities and access for disabled students.

We welcome all our new students and staff to Bayfield.  At Year 9, we are pleased to see a significant increase in enrolments for 2015.  We have also enrolled approximately 25 new students into Years 10 to 13 - a very warm welcome to you all, whether you have come from another Dunedin secondary school, from another part of New Zealand, or from overseas.

Our new staff include:

  • Mr Paul O'Connor who will be relieving as Deputy Principal while Mr Beagley is on Study Leave.
  • Mr Drew Campbell, our new Assistant Principal / Junior Co-ordinator.
  • Mr Mike Benham, Head of Department, Social Sciences.
  • Ms Rachel McDonald, French Teacher.

We are also delighted to have promoted Mrs Lizzie Adams-Clark to the position of Head of Department, Languages.

All of our teachers, senior managers and the Board of Trustees are very interested in the trends of our students’ academic achievement.  We are delighted that our pass rates at all levels of NCEA and University Entrance are again well in excess of national averages.  We work hard to guide students to set challenging goals for themselves and we encourage them to achieve personal excellence.  Our aim in all of this is to provide a learning environment in which every student can achieve the very best results they are capable of, and that this experience of success inspires and motivates them to put in the necessary hard work to achieve their next goal.  We are 100% committed to encouraging our students to aim high and be the best they can be.

As I reflect upon the improvements in our academic results, in particular the extraordinary proportion of students who gained Merit or Excellence endorsements, I am convinced that Bayfield offers something special.  The sustained efforts of our teachers, analysis of student achievement, professional learning conversations, experience, skill and subject expertise, all combine to provide students with quality learning opportunities.

In 2015, we are introducing a Junior Diploma in Years 9 and 10.  This will encourage all our students to engage fully with school life, to attend regularly, and to focus on achieving their best in their school work.

I look forward to sharing a productive, successful and busy year with you all.



Judith Forbes


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